About Us

we’re a couple of mums with young kids with a background in nursing & accounting.

Bath bomb making started of as a fun activity to do with our kids which turned into an essential must have product during bath time.

We took it as a challenge to create clean products free from chemicals, synthetic colours and fragrances.

We’ve sourced all Australian ingredients where possible such as clay to naturally colour our bath bombs, coconut oil as a moisturiser, kid safe essential oil as a perfume and dried flowers for charm.

We add a small amount of coconut derivative to create lather.


Our bath bombs are made in small quantity to ensure freshness.

They are available in a few different kids approved shapes & sizes.

Our cold process soaps are carefully and beautifully made in Victoria. They are made with locally sourced ingredients such as goats & cows milk, honey, olive oil, coconut oil and essential oils. They are all naturally coloured with clay.

Each piece is unique and posh.
We hope you enjoy them.
Drain and keep them dry in order to keep them longer.
Be kind to yourself.

~Posh Potion~